Vol2, Ep 23 – Expectant Faith

Do We Have The Right To Expect Miracles?

This week’s podcast discusses an aspect of faith you may not have considered. It also suggests an approach to trials and tribulations that may surprise you, and in some ways free you.

Cigars in this Podcast: Arturo Fuente Short Story and AJ Fernandez New World. Bourbon of the weak: Elijah Craig Small Batch.

Guests this week: Our spouses, Stacey Gonzalez and Rosie Connolly.

Resources in this podcast: The Bible (RSV CE), The Catechism, Fr. Bert, OP, The World Wide Web.

My Stogie Mystagogy is recorded in the Theological Armory using a Blue Yeti Microphone, Audacity, and an HP Pavillion laptop, all working through WordPress and utilizing the PowerPress plugin by Blubrry.

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This is a Catholic Podcast, in that it is recorded by Catholics with the intent of being a faithful series of ruminations on things God and Reality from a Catholic Perspective. It is not however in any way endorsed or approved by the Holy See or the local ordinary, no doubt simply because they haven’t run across it yet. So, where the opinions here match up with the will of God and the Teachings of the Catholic Church, all the glory to God, and where they fail to do so, mea culpa.

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