Vol 2, Ep 22 – We Discuss Charlottesville and Racism

And, How Should Catholics Respond?

Cigars in this Podcast: Punch Gran Puro Nicaraguan, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos. Paired again with Johnnie Walker 10 year old Blenders Batch.

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Vol 2, Ep 21 – Intentional Discipleship

New Evangelization, Apostolate, What does it all mean anyway

And How Do We Do It? – via Leisure, via Friendship

Continuing the Leisure/Friendship continuum – we discuss Intentional Discipleship – both a book and a concept.

Cigars in this Podcast: Monte Cristo White Series and Arturo Fuente 858 Candela. Paired with Johnny Walker Blenders Batch, 10 yr old.

Book discussed:
This is a worthy book that discusses what amount to 5 steps someone may take along the path toward Christ, and how an interested person can assist along the way. Our own take is that it dovetails nicely with the last couple of podcasts regarding Leisure and Friendship.

Additionally, We found this article by Mark Shea useful: 5 Steps to Becoming an Intentional Disciple

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Vol 2, Ep 20 – Friendship

What is True Friendship?

Cigars: Opus X and Dan Kruse Classic

Spirits: Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch, 10 yr old, Lemonade

References: Nichomachean Ethics, The Summa Theologica, The Catechism, The Interwebs

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