Vol 2, Ep 19 – Suffer The Chillin’ To Come Unto Me

Cigars and Leisure

Wherein we discuss what is leisure, what is it’s purpose.

Cigars Discussed: Arturo Fuente Añejo, Gurkha Extreme.

Spirits Discussed: Holy Spirit, Glen Morangie, Pyrat Rum

Books Mentioned: Leisure: The Basis of CultureThe New Wine of Dominican SpiritualityThomist Realism and The Critique of Knowledge

Saints Mentioned: St. Jose Maria Escriva

Vol 2, Ep 18 – Cigar Talk and Lector Prep

How’d you start with Cigars? How’d you start being a Reader?

Pope Francis, Huffpo, NY Times – what’s a rational Catholic to do?

Wherein We Discuss responding to Media Hype

Vol 2, Ep 17